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Non-Aggression: Because Anything Less Is Uncivilized

The predication of violence, force, fraud, and coercion in society stand in the way of peaceful coexistence. The justification for pre-emptive use of these means, is conflated to, and tends towards, forcibly governed societies. Lacking creative intellect, motivation to peaceful coexistence, or casting off ones responsibility, to ones own life, all lead to violence, force, fraud, and coercion. When individuals “run out of options” they resort to violence or force to correct the conflict. Non-aggression, on the opposite side, requires creative intellect, the acceptance of one’s responsibility to one’s own life, and at least a passive motivation for peaceful coexistence. Solving conflicts takes creating options, when one perceives nothing will restore prior balance of a felt uneasiness, one lashes out in revenge, to dissuade this diplomacy can be used, but “when all else fails” shouldn’t be an option.