Worshiping A Piece of Colored Fabric

Worshiping A Piece of Colored Fabric

Ahhh. Fourth of July again. A celebration of National independence. A day when people make the false equivalency of thinking throwing off a foreign ruler and instituting local rulers is the same thing as freedom. It’s both comedic and tragic for the rational observer. This one of the days where flag worshiping¬†nonsense is most prominently put on display.

I released this podcast episode a year ago. In it I explain that those in power want their subjects to have national gods so they can claim their power comes from those gods.

If their power comes from the gods, then it is easier to explain why they are ruling and their subjects are not. It is also helpful for rulers to create symbols and rituals which elicit positive emotional responses in their subjects regarding the power and glory of their nation, the superiority of their rulers, and how their life is made great because of the system of government they live under. These symbols then create devotion in the subjects of the government and entrench the position of the ruling class. The flag in the United States, and the rituals surrounding it, serves these functions.

I also talk about the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego where they were commanded to bow before the bronze statue the king of Babylon commissioned. They refused to bow. I use this story in the book of Daniel to talk about the relationship Christians in the US have with their rulers, the flag, and the rituals surrounding both. In light of this story, those who claim Jesus is King, not Caesar, nor the President, nor Congress, nor the Supreme Court, should sit when others stand to say the pledge or sing the national anthem.

If you’re already convinced of the absurdity and destructiveness of nationalism, and would just like some flag related memes to share, check these out. I’m sorry ahead of time for the prominently displayed website logo on the meme. The lack of subtlety was a mistake. I don’t like it either.

You can also download the episode and subscribe to the podcast here.

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