Below the Tension 8|Media: Libertarians’ Libertarianism Problem?

Below the Tension 8|Media: Libertarians’ Libertarianism Problem?

Welcome back to another Wednesday edition of the show. Host Jordan takes you through a smattering of news covering inside-baseball libertarianism, politics and trump news, gives his take on the Brock Turner case, hits up a large stack of military-industrial complex news and finishes up with the latest in the weed world.

Jordan takes a hard line at Will Rahn, writer of an article critical of Libertarianism in the upcoming election. Mr. Rahn believes the problem with the libertarians is that we take libertarian positions. He clearly and fundamentally misunderstands libertarianism and Jordan pulls no punches in correcting him.

Continuing with politics, Jordan runs through a series of Trump news that is a disturbing but not so veiled trend. As reported weeks ago in the episode “Trump Deception”, Trump maintains that all of his positions, even the most touted ones, are up for negotiation. Now, his supporters are on the same page, surprisingly enough. Trump supporters are quoted as saying they do not believe Trump really means what he says, pretty much on anything; and here’s the kicker. They do not care!

Moving on to military-industrial complex news, Jordan uses his expertise in the field to break down the future of warfare for America. Also covered is the still brewing proxy war in Ukraine.

Coverage of the disintegrating conditions in Venezuela continues as the author describes and interviews citizens rummaging through trash to eat.

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Every Wednesday and Saturday evening, Below The Tension podcast brings you news and information that never broke the surface tension of headline news. Jordan, your host, hand picks and curates stories from credible sources that appeared in the back of the paper, bottom of the website or never made it onto network news; but these stories deserve all of the attention. Using the mainstream media to break its own paradigm, the show dives below the surface, delivering precise, knowledgeable opinion and well-rounded critiques of politicians, media outlets and much more.

From military vet and contractor to full time student, from Hurricane Katrina survivor to charity founder, from politically apathetic to extremely active; your host of Below The Tension podcast has seen it all. Delivering commentary from a depth of knowledge, Jordan draws from his experiences to guide the listener through a blitz of news. Currently a student at the University of Colorado – Boulder, Jordan is pursuing a degree in Business Administration. He enlisted in the United States Air Force June 2007, separated June 2011 and was a military contractor from June 2011 to April 2016.