Below the Tension Ep. 7 – Venezuela is Bernie’s Dream Land

Below the Tension Ep. 7 – Venezuela is Bernie’s Dream Land

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Opening song: “Wake up” by Keize

On this 1 month anniversary, I highlight some of the achievements of the show thus far. Amassing nearly 400 podcast listens within the first month, the show has exceeded all expectations so far. In addition, the show has picked up two affiliations: and!

Getting into news, I cover the absolute hypocrisy that former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is engaged in. The situation is Syria just took a dramatic turn, as the state department reveals a large scale offensive by a secretive US-backed force pushes in from Turkey. Jordan urges people not to forget that just a few short years ago, President Obama asked Congress to authorize use of force in Syria against Assad.

The rant continues with coverage of the Trump protesters and their far left ideology. If the mainstream left cannot shut you up, shut you down or shame you, they will use physical force; and that has been demonstrated. Even as people beg for food in Democratic Socialist Venezuela, Trump protesters are demanding to go under that very system.

Moving further into podcast, I cover an incredible article highlighting seven reasons why Bernie Sanders is completely avoiding the Venezuela issue, even when pressed about it on Latin television.

Wrapping up the podcast, some major marijuana news is covered as a study finds no negative health effects of smoking pot, except one. Also, China has unveiled their giant data collection service. They are tracking purchases and movements of citizens over the age of 80 to supposedly help them live their lives better.

Articles Covered:

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